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Providers and Clinics

As an independent provider, you do it all: treat an entire community of patients, collaborate with hospitals, specialists and labs throughout the region—all while navigating a volatile health care landscape. But with the right data, you could be doing even more, while strengthening your practice. 

WISHIN’s HIE services provide you access to the patient information your practice needs to deliver more effective care. From medication lists and test results to complete care summaries that span every participating provider a patient has seen, the information you need is now available electronically, at your fingertips. The result? A more efficient way to get the information you need to deliver the best possible care to the patients who count on you.

Participation in WISHIN Pulse gives you access to securely share and/or receive data from any other provider who participates. View a list of WISHIN Pulse participants.

Benefits of HIE to Providers and Clinics:

· Improved clinical decision making for your providers: From test results and medication lists to care summaries and diagnoses, vital data is available at your providers' fingertips, where and when they need it – allowing them to make quicker diagnoses and more targeted treatment recommendations - even if a patient receives treatment at a hospital or visits a lab across town for tests.  WISHIN Pulse streamlines and houses all the details, so your providers never miss a beat.

· Immediate access to patient records for your staff: Your office staff can instantly and securely access patient records electronically. Medications, allergies, test results, discharge summaries, provider notes and other vital patient information is available in WISHIN Pulse so your administrative staff and nurses no longer need to manually track down records and results from multiple providers. Furthermore, WISHIN Pulse automatically uploads designated information from your EHR to the community health record so your staff's time won't be spent on that end either. In addition, WISHIN Pulse can deliver lab results directly into your EHR from the performing laboratory. WISHIN Pulse can be integrated with your electronic health record (EHR) and/or accessed via the WISHIN Pulse portal. Learn more here

· A stronger bottom line for your practice: Your practice must provide personalized patient care while operating on razor-thin margins. Electronic health information exchange is proven to make health care organizations more efficient and profitable. With WISHIN Pulse, the cost of records storage, mailings and paper is reduced, staff will spend less time requesting and supplying records from/to other providers, and you can build upon your existing technology advancements to advance your practice.

· Personalized, high-touch care for your patients:  You can improve patient satisfaction by having a direct line to your patients’ most complete, up-to-date records. WISHIN Pulse ensures that you have all the essential details of any care that your patients received outside your four walls from participating providers. In addition, WISHIN Pulse can notify you when a patient has been hospitalized or visits an emergency department. This timely information can be used to improve care management, improve disease management, and inform quality-improvement programs.



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For a brief demonstration of the new WISHIN Pulse, click here  

For a brief demonstration of the new WISHIN Pulse, click here