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Long-Term and Post-Acute-Care

Long-term and post-acute-care providers (LTPACs) often have to do hours of fact-finding  making countless phone calls and searching through dozens of faxed pages  in order to find the information needed to deliver seamless, patient-centered, high-quality care for their patients. WISHIN can help. Medications, allergies, lab and radiology results, EKGs, care summaries, and other critical patient information is available in WISHIN Pulse so you no longer need to manually track down records and results from multiple providers. 

Having critical data at your fingertips gives you the information you need to better understand the whole health of your patient, make more informed treatment decisions, and better coordinate your patient’s care. 

WISHIN Pulse is a secure web portal that many Wisconsin hospitals, clinics, and other care providers use to get real-time information on their patients. This tool is available to you too. With WISHIN Pulse the information you need is available electronically, at your fingertips. No more phone calls, no more faxes, just a fast, efficient way to get the information you need to deliver the best possible care.

An efficient flow of information among providers creates a solid foundation for effective patient care. Direct messaging is another way that WISHIN can help streamline the care transition from acute to post-acute settings. WISHIN Direct+ is a simple, easy-to-use mechanism for providers to communicate securely with each other. Direct messaging works much like email except that it has the added technical protections necessary for sensitive patient clinical information; it is highly secure and HIPAA-compliant.

Many hospitals and other providers are already capable of sending a Direct message from their EHRs.  When a patient is transitioned to your facility, the hospital can easily send a patient’s care summary as part of the care transition, giving your staff important information on the patient and eliminating the need to hunt down the information manually.

Whether it’s WISHIN Pulse – with clinical information from participating providers  who have seen the patient – or WISHIN Direct+ - a quick and easy way for a hospital or other acute care provider to message you with a patient summary – or both – WISHIN is here to help.

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For a brief demonstration of the new WISHIN Pulse, click here  

For a brief demonstration of the new WISHIN Pulse, click here