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Hospitals and Health Systems

WISHIN can help hospitals and health systems reduce avoidable hospital readmissions, improve care transitions, and fill in gaps in a patient’s health history during an emergency.

From medication lists and allergy information to recent test results and immunizations, having critical data at their fingertips gives doctors and nurses the data they need to deliver life-saving care, even when their patients cannot communicate.

In addition, your hospital can automatically share test results, consult notes, discharge summaries, procedures and other vital patient health information with other providers across the state. This can improve transitions of care and help reduce preventable readmissions, which will not only improve patient care but can also help you avoid penalties that can negatively impact your bottom line. 

Life-saving Access to Patient Information

WISHIN Pulse provides your ED and hospital providers with life-saving access to the vital information they need to provide the best possible treatment to their patients, even when patients can’t speak for themselves.

If a patient was previously seen at another hospital or by another provider, the information for that visit is most likely not included in your EHR.  Knowing the details of those visits can be crucial to informing treatment and preventing complications such as an allergic reactions or medication interactions.  With WISHIN Pulse, ED providers can quickly search the system for the patient and find important information such as:

  • Whether the patient was recently been at another facility for similar problems and the results of that visit.
  • Whether the patient has been seeking excessive quantities of pain medications from multiple providers.
  • Recent lab or pathology results, EKGs, or radiology reports that may provide insight into treatment – or that can help inform additional tests or services necessary for diagnosis.
  • Potentially life-threatening medication allergies or contraindications.

Improved Transitions of Care and Reduced Avoidable Readmissions

Patients are most vulnerable during care transitions.  For this reason, effective transitions are crucial to preventing complications and ensuring positive health outcomes. When a patient is transitioned from a hospital to a community provider, it is important for the community provider to know the details of the hospital visit so that follow-up or continuation of care can occur effectively and reduce the risk of re-hospitalization.

By automatically sharing your hospital or health system data to WISHIN Pulse the data can be made available to other providers in your community and throughout the state for use when they are treating the patient. This can improve transitions of care and help reduce preventable readmissions.  This can improve patient care and help your hospital avoid penalties.

WISHIN at Work:  Milwaukee Health Care Partnership Care Coordination Initiative

The Milwaukee Health Care Partnership (MHCP) is a public / private partnership dedicated to improving health care for underserved populations in Milwaukee County. Among several other important initiatives, MHCP and its Emergency Department Care Coordination (EDCC) Committee have undertaken a care coordination initiative to improve the management of care across the delivery network.

Using a combination of care coordination and health information technology, including WISHIN, the EDCC committee has created an ED to Medical Home process for Medicaid and uninsured patients, with a particular focus on improving health outcomes for pregnant women and patients with asthma, COPD, diabetes and hypertension.

To learn more about this important initiative, click here.

WISHIN Pulse can be integrated with your electronic health record (EHR) and/or accessed via the WISHIN Pulse portal. Learn more.


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For a brief demonstration of the new WISHIN Pulse, click here  

For a brief demonstration of the new WISHIN Pulse, click here