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Care Coordinators


Patients are most vulnerable during care transitions.  As a care coordinator you know that effective transitions are crucial to preventing complications and ensuring positive health outcomes.  When a patient is transitioned from provider to provider or from care setting to care setting, it is important for all providers treating the patient to know the details of the patient’s prior treatment and medications in order to ensure continuity of care and proper medication management.

WISHIN provides critical, timely data about patients and their encounters to assist providers that are performing care coordination and to help care coordinators working as part of a health plan.

WISHIN Pulse – For Providers Performing Care Coordination

WISHIN Pulse is a community health record that provides an aggregated summary view of a patient’s health information from all participating providers who have seen the patient.

WISHIN Pulse enhances clinical decision-making and empowers community providers to communicate, collaborate, and coordinate patient care. It minimizes duplication of tests and other services and provides caregivers with critical information such as health history, problem lists, allergies, and medications. With access to a more complete set of patient information, physicians can make more informed clinical decisions and better coordinate the care of the patient among all providers treating the patient.

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PAR-P - For Care Coordinators Operating at HMOs and Payers

Medicaid and other payers may not become aware of their members' emergency department (ED) or other hospital visits until they receive the claim resulting from the visit, which can be up to 30 days after the event.  During this time, members may have had even more hospital or ED visits. 

WISHIN’s Patient Activity Report for Payers (or PAR-P) provides a daily notification to payers when a member has had an ED or other hospital visit. The report provides basic patient demographic information (name, phone number, address, gender, etc.), encounter metadata (admit date/time, registration date/time, etc.), and high-level clinical data (chief complaint and diagnosis). 

Care coordinators receive the PAR-P within 24 hours of an encounter and can use the information provided in the PAR-P to reach out to the patient and treating providers and coordinate follow-up care for the patient before another encounter takes place.  Using the PAR-P can help decrease the number of avoidable ED visits and related hospitalizations, decrease the number of duplicative emergency room and hospital tests and procedures, and connect targeted Medicaid and health plan members with medical homes. 

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WISHIN at Work:  

Milwaukee Health Care Partnership Care Coordination Initiative

The Milwaukee Health Care Partnership (MHCP) is a public/private partnership dedicated to improving health care for underserved populations in Milwaukee County. Among several other important initiatives, MHCP and its Emergency Department Care Coordination (EDCC) committee have undertaken a care-coordination initiative to improve the management of care across the community.

Using a combination of care coordination and health information technology, including WISHIN, the EDCC committee has created an ED-to-Medical-Home process for Medicaid and uninsured patients, with a particular focus on improving health outcomes for pregnant women and patients with chronic diseases such as asthma, COPD, diabetes and hypertension.

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For a brief demonstration of the new WISHIN Pulse, click here  

For a brief demonstration of the new WISHIN Pulse, click here