The WISHIN Direct+ Messaging application allows providers to send a secure message directly to another provider in much the same way that they can send a regular email – only with the extra security needed to protect a patient’s health information.  WISHIN Direct+ Messaging allows providers to share a patient’s medical history including lab results, discharge summaries, and other important information with other providers who have seen the patient—even if those providers are not part of the same practice or health system.

The WISHIN Direct+ Messaging feature can help providers meet Meaningful Use requirements for health information exchange and is as user-friendly as email.  This application allows providers to exchange text and attach files such as test results, scans and continuity of care documents. 


  • Provider Directory:  The WISHIN Direct+ Messaging application uses a provider directory that allows users to search for a specific provider’s Direct address when composing a new message.  The directory fields are searchable by location, provider and specialty.
  • Message Status: WISHIN Direct+ Messaging allows providers to view the status of messages, including “sent”, “received” and “read.”
  • Attach files:  Similar to regular email, WISHIN Direct+ Messaging users can attach files to their messages to ensure the message recipient is getting the appropriate information on the patient. 

History of Direct

WISHIN Direct+ Messaging is based on the standards defined as part of the National Direct Project, which was launched in March of 2009 by the Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT.  The National Direct Project was launched in response to the growing need for a single standard for exchanging health information electronically.  The National Direct Project set the stage for collaboration within the private sector to create a secure, simple, cost effective mechanism to send health information directly to a known, trusted recipient using the Internet.