The Wisconsin Statewide Health Information Network (WISHIN) is improving the health of individuals and communities in Wisconsin with the launch of WISHIN Pulse—health information exchange technology that gives health care providers secure access to their patients’ medical information where they need it, when they need it.

While electronic health records (EHRs) have made it easier for providers within the same organization or on the same EHR system to share patient information, sharing information across systems and locations has always proved to be a challenge. WISHIN meets this challenge head-on with WISHIN Pulse—a community health record that provides an aggregated summary view of a patient’s health information from all providers who have seen the patient.

WISHIN Pulse enhances clinical decision making and empowers community providers to communicate, collaborate, and coordinate patient care—all without postal delays or lost communications. The efficiency of electronic health information exchange is good for patients, good for providers, and good for Wisconsin.

The ability to access information via a community health record has numerous advantages:

More Informed Decisions

An aggregated view of a patient’s health information that spans all providers who have seen the patient—regardless of health system affiliation or EHR—minimizes duplication of tests and other services and provides caregivers with critical information such as health history, problem lists, allergies, and medications. With access to a more complete set of patient information, physicians can make more informed clinical decisions. 

More Time with the Patient

No more waiting for medical records to be mailed or faxed! With WISHIN Pulse, providers can have patient information at their fingertips—giving the provider more time with the patient.

Life-Saving Access

In an emergency situation, when information on a patient is critical and time is of the essence, WISHIN Pulse can provide immediate access to a patient’s community health record—filling in the gaps of a patient’s history, allergies, and medications when the patient may not be able to communicate.

Privacy and Security

Sharing of patient medical information through WISHIN Pulse is secure.  Audits and data tracking procedures ensure that patient information is safe and only accessible for legally permissible purposes.