WISHIN supplies our customers with directories of trusted provider and organziational direct addresses.  These directories fall into one of three categories: those who are active partcipants WISHIN's Direct+, members of DirectTrust, and those who have established trust with WISHIN through their own HISP.  Please view these three categories below.  Contact WISHIN with any questions: wishin.support@wishin.org.

WISHIN Participant Directories

Master Directory
Complete Directory of All WISHIN Customers

Master Directory   7/17/2015

Individual Organization Directories
The organizations listed below participate in WISHIN's HISP.  Click on the organization's name to download the provider directory.

Organization Name Date Revised
Affinity Hospitals  11/6/2014
Beaver Dam Community Hospital Nursing Homes        6/24/2014
Dean/SSM Wisconsin 1/20/2015
Gundersen Health System
HealthPartners 6/8/2015
Lake Terrace Health & Rehabilitation Center, LLC  4/20/2015
Mile Bluff Medical Center 11/26/2014
Ministry Door County Medical Center 8/5/2014
ThedaCare & Bellin Health 4/8/2015
ProHealth 9/1/2015
Regional Enterprises 11/5/2014
Sauk Prairie Healthcare Clinics 9/17/2014 
Sauk Prairie Healthcare 10/6/2014
UW Health Partners Watertown 9/8/2014
Trusted Provider Directories

DirectTrust is an independent non-profit trade association with the goal of establishing and maintaining a national Security and Trust Framework in support of Direct exchange. DirectTrust defines the Trust Framework as a set of technical, legal, and business standards, expressed as policies and best practices recommendations, which members of the trust community agree to follow, uphold, and enforce.

A trust bundle is is a collection of trust anchors (those high level digital certificates used to establish initial trust during Direct exchange, as opposed to end-entity Direct certificates) that meet a common set of minimum policy requirements within a Trust Community Profile. These organizations belong to the DirectTrust bundle, and as members of the DirectTrust community can freely exchange with those on the WISHIN HISP without establishing trust individually.  Click on the organization's name to download the directory.

To obtain a copy of the Surescripts HISP provider directory, please contact WISHIN at 608-274-1820 or via email at wishin.support@wishin.org.

Organization Name Date Revised
Aurora Health 12/23/2014
Baldwin Area Medical Center 7/24/2014
Beaver Dam Community Hospital        6/24/2014
Dickinson County Healthcare System         7/24/2014
Divine Savior Healthcare 9/4/2014 
Essentia Health 10/14/14 
Eye Clinic of Manitowoc 9/23/2014 
Gundersen Boscobel Area Hospital and Clinics        9/8/2014
Illinois Health Information Exchange 9/12/2014 
Northfield Hospital and Clinics  7/24/2014
Prairie Clinic  9/8/2014 
Osceola Medical Center 7/24/2014
Tomah Memorial Hospital 9/8/2014
UW Health 7/16/2015