An efficient flow of information among providers creates a solid foundation for effective patient care. With WISHIN Direct+, providers have the ability to quickly and easily connect and communicate with one another electronically, regardless of their health system affiliation and across electronic medical records systems. In addition to point-to-point communications about the patient, WISHIN Direct+ provides for a seamless, open exchange of patient information to support referrals and care coordination—health care hand-offs where complete and timely information are critical to ensuring quality patient care and patient safety.

WISHIN Direct+ includes the following suite of tools, making it easy to coordinate patient care and exchange important information on the patient:


The WISHIN Direct+ Referrals application is specifically designed to allow providers to proactively manage the referral process in one place. Providers can attach documents, collaborate electronically, and automatically receive updates on the patient and the referral when they happen, providing secure “closed-loop” referrals. WISHIN Direct+ Referrals helps eliminate missing, incomplete, and illegible information by allowing providers receiving the referrals to customize the referral information they request. It also provides tracking information for the entire referral process.  For more information on WISHIN Direct+ Referrals, click here.


Secure communication between providers has never been easier. The WISHIN Direct+ Messaging feature can help providers meet Stage 1 and Stage 2 Meaningful Use requirements for health information exchange and is as user-friendly as email. This application allows providers to exchange text and attach files, including test results, scans, and continuity of care documents. The built-in provider directory of all WISHIN Direct+ participants makes finding other offices or WISHIN Direct+ users quick and simple.  For more information on WISHIN Direct+ Messaging, click here.