“HIE is a key platform to advance provider performance improvement and efficiencies. Wisconsin already has a head start in reforming our delivery systems and WISHIN can help us reach the ultimate goal of delivering better value to our many constituencies.”

Steve Brenton
President & CEO
Wisconsin Hospital Association


"The exchange of health care information in a timely and secure manner is an essential piece of the framework required to transform health care delivery into a high value experience for the patient as well as the provider. WISHIN is key to making that happen and we can’t get it done fast enough. I’m glad to be a part of the process."

Lisa Ellinger
Board Secretary
Wisconsin Health Information Organization


"The care of our members is a top priority at Network Health Plan. I believe in order to improve health care quality and safety there has to be transparency across the industry. Health information exchange (HIE) initiatives will evolve coordinated care and be most beneficial to the patient. Therefore, I support WISHIN wholeheartedly in their plan to bring HIE initiatives to life in the State of Wisconsin."

Sheila Jenkins
Network Health Plan


"The WISHIN enabling legislation recognized the importance of a seamless link between clinical practice and public health by placing the State Health Officer as a permanent Board member.  A successful WISHIN will assure the advancement of public health practice in Wisconsin."

Dr. Henry Anderson
Acting State Health Officer & Chief Medical Officer


“WISHIN as a statewide health information exchange organization will bring critical information to the providers when they are making decisions on patient care. This connection of information transforms our current health care systems into a more efficient system that will improve patient outcomes while reducing the consumption of health care resources.”

John Foley
Vice-President Health Services
Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield

“In my view, the widespread use of Electronic Health Records and Health Information Exchanges are critical needs in our nation’s journey to reform healthcare delivery.  We are very fortunate in Wisconsin to have many healthcare organizations that deliver high quality, efficient and safe healthcare, and I’ve joined the WISHIN board to help assure that health information technology and exchanges help contribute to our state’s continued quality excellence.” 

Dr. Craig E. Samitt, MBA
President & CEO, Dean Clinic


"I became involved in WISHIN because it supports the Business Health Care Group's (BHCG) initiative of controlling health care cost trend.  Health information exchange is critical since sharing the right health information at the right place and right time will provide for improved efficiency and quality of care which are essential to cost control."

Dianne Kiehl, RN
Executive Director
Business Health Care Group


"I was invited to join the WISHIN Board to represent consumers, who are frustrated and confused by the health care and insurance systems.  HIE initiatives are important because they will help improve integration of providers and payers, and lead to higher quality and lower costs for the patient."

Jane Cooper
Patient Care


"I have lived my life with the philosophy that we should leave the world a better place than we found it. There is so much that can be done to improve how we exchange information between qualified health care providers . . . and someone has to step up to the plate and do it! WISHIN is the entity that can do the most good and do it the quickest. "

Charles W. Nason
Chairman of the Board
Worzalla Publishing Company


"My vision for eHealth governance in Wisconsin was for a private-public partnership and that is WISHIN—I am pleased to be involved in helping our health care providers and communities improve health care quality, safety, and efficiency by getting connected through health information exchange.”

Denise B. Webb
State Health IT Coordinator
WI Department of Health Services