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HIE Benefits

Health Information Exchange (HIE) Benefits

There are many benefits associated with HIE: 

HIE Provider Benefits

  • Improves privacy and security of patient health and medical information
  • Improves quality of care, timeliness, patient safety and outcomes
  • Increases convenience and workflow efficiency
  • Improves diagnosis and reduces orders for duplicate test and procedures
  • Enhances communication between hospitals, laboratories, pharmacies and referring physicians.
  • Improves access to test results and referral consultations
Potential to Be a Singular Source of Data
One thing that hospitals and other providers have to deal with in today’s environment is the administrative/resource burden of meeting multiple reporting obligations for multiple parties. This means, among other things, they have multiple “doors” through which their data flows and in which they have to maintain. HIEs could serve as a mechanism to satisfy multiple obligations, and, if specifications change over time, those changes could be tweaked centrally (at the HIE point in the pipeline) rather than creating a burden for all of the data sources.

 HIE Patient Benefits

  • Reduces likelihood of medical errors due to incomplete or inaccurate information
  • Improves doctor – patient communication and coordination of care among providers
  • Eliminates the need for hand-carried and faxed transmission of health care records
  • Improves diagnosis and reduces orders for duplicate test and procedures