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WISHIN helps from a billing standpoint and from a public health standpoint. We know more and can make more informed prevention efforts about specific patient populations.

Joshua Parish, NRP, MSC, MPH
Head of EMS Training, Education and Wellness Bureau
Milwaukee Fire Department

The use of WISHIN is helpful in a lot of different ways. Sharing a patient’s medical data could eliminate duplication of tests and hold down costs. An expensive MRI, for example, would not necessarily have to be performed again if a patient’s record showed he or she had just had one a few days earlier. You just know more about that patient.

Former VP of and CIO of Watertown Regional Hospital

When I look at WISHIN I see a tremendous amount of untapped potential to lower the cost to deliver healthcare to our state.

Chris Elfner
WISHIN Board Vice Chair

WISHIN has been incredibly helpful in expediting our work,” Palen says. “We are able to better assist clients by being able to pull up what they are referencing if they have questions to make sure the counseling and information we are providing is accurate.

Ashley Palen 
Director of Community and Environmental Health Services 
City of West Allis 

WISHIN allows us to access the information we need more efficiently, which saves us time and money.

Ryan Brothers Ambulance

I only found out if my patients were hospitalized if they told me. I could not always help with care transition because I may not have been aware my patient had been hospitalized. WISHIN is a game-changer. I have more information than I have ever had thanks to WISHIN.

Melissa Eilbes BSN,RN
Director of Clinical and Operational Resources and Support
MyChoice Wisconsin

Every year there is something new (in the WISHIN system) that helps us, helps our members, and helps providers.

Kathleen Schoenauer, RN, BSM, CCm
United Healthcare Community Plan of Wisconsin

If you don’t set up the information in the right way, the doctor is not aware of the gap in care. WISHIN closes the gap for the care team by allowing better faster decisions for patients.

Tim Bartholow, MD
WISHIN Board Chairman

I really feel there is a place for WISHIN for any agency that works with clients. It really provides a more complete picture than you might get from the family or the individual.

Darren Rausch, MS, CPH 
Health Officer/Director 
City of Greenfield Health Department