WISHIN, Wisconsin’s state-designated entity for health information exchange (HIE), is responsible for HIE capacity throughout the state. WISHIN’s approach is to build this capacity by leveraging existing health information technology already present in Wisconsin and to add products or services where they don’t currently exist or that our stakeholders view as valuable for the state.

This approach:

  1. Connects and leverages existing health information networks, systems, and services that are present and operational within the state.
  2. Provides a solution for providers that are not currently part of an existing network to be able to exchange health information with other providers whether or not those other providers are part of an existing network or not. 

Whether you are part of a large health system, a hospital, part of a small clinic, or an independent physician, you can participate in the statewide health information network. 

To view the benefits that HIE offers providers, view the HIE Benefits section of our web site.

Check out the video below for information on how other health care professionals in Wisconsin are using health information technology, including HIE.