Who is WISHIN?

WISHIN is an independent not-for-profit organization dedicated to bringing the benefits of widespread, secure, interoperable health information technology to patients and caregivers throughout Wisconsin. WISHIN is building a statewide health information network to connect physicians, clinics, hospitals, pharmacies, and clinical laboratories across Wisconsin.  Our vision is to promote and improve the health of individuals and communities in Wisconsin through the development of information-sharing services that facilitate electronic delivery of the right health information at the right place and right time, to the right individuals.

Statewide electronic health information exchange (HIE) offers the promise of timely, relevant information that can lead to better clinical decisions, less duplication, more effective transitions of care, and reduced administrative costs.  It all adds up to better information and better outcomes.  And that’s better for patients and caregivers alike.

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“WISHIN Pulse will give health care providers a view of a patient's current health status that spans all providers that have seen the patient.  The more complete the patient's medical history-the more precisely we can identify and treat health issues and concerns.  With WISHIN Pulse, I can spend less time being a detective tracking down old patient records and more time with my patients!"

Dr. Scott Hansfield
Fond du Lac Regional Clinic


WISHIN Pulse enhances clinical decision making and empowers community providers to communicate, collaborate, and coordinate patient care—all without postal delays or lost communications. The efficiency of electronic health information exchange is good for patients, good for providers, and good for Wisconsin.